Fry Housing Trust

Fry Housing Trust is a charity providing supported accommodation and floating support services to those who are homeless and ex-offenders or are at risk of offending. They provide homes and support to people to maximise their chances of resettlement back into the community.

All of Fry Housing Trust’s clients, both within accommodation and floating support, have very different support needs. Initially, the Trust focuses on preventing their homelessness by providing a room in shared accommodation or helping to maintain their own tenancy with floating support. Other support needs vary and can include:

  • Homelessness
  • Substance misuse
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Health issues, including mental or sexual
  • Employment, education and training
  • Finding secure move-on accommodation
  • Accessing local social activities or services
  • Developing confidence and self esteem
  • Being a part of the community that they live in

The Trust has policies to ensure that each client receives the same opportunities, support and chances to improve their lives. Each client is assigned a ‘keyworker’, who helps them to identify what support they need and empower them to get the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Please seek permission from Women’s Breakout or Fry Housing Trust prior to using any extracts.

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